what's up?


today’s picture is in real life a few cm wide, meaning it is small. The pen on the side was used to scribble it. I did so the other day when sitting together with my insurance guy, with the talking going from what can happen in life to all of us and what and how I have insurance to cover it. Like the insurance for the goods that we have in stock, or what happens if I break my arm or worse. So yes, the meeting was important, and my scribbling does not reflect that really.

I often do quick sketches, laying out a big plan in a little sketch. Like for the gardenia, when working on it, a formula getting more and more complex, asking for clarifications. Actually, the gardenia is very complex, and the complexity makes it more than “just” a white flower. Of course, I say so in order to invite everybody to give it a try, even if you feel uncomfortable with white flowers. Never ever give up: There might be a white flower out there for you that you can fall in love with.

Ah, and yes, this is true for him and her.

But back to the scribbling. When I looked at it this morning, thinking about a picture going with this post, I remembered that since days I want to start putting pieces of paper on my wall in the factory. The one wall that I look at when packing or when filling bottles. I will be there soon, and have to hurry up as I am still behind the computer answering mails and doing other stuff.

I want an empty piece of paper there, or several, on the blue wall. For ideas. Like: I  have an idea, I write it down there (or sketch a visual representation) and it will remind me every day.

And I want pieces of papers there that remind me of the bigger plan. Like: In ten years from now, I want to be there. Where? That’s the question.