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shipping air du désert marocain

I did not post a lot this week, but the last post  about some of the marketing mechanics found quite some interest: Great! I was not aware that talking about the rules of the game might find such an interest here. Again: Great!

This week I was pretty busy with stocking up (Incense rosé) and getting some air du désert marocain out: Into my tauerperfumes.com warehouse in the US; or better said: Onto the shelves of my shipper there, shipwire. Today’s little picture shows you one step there. I wrap the packed air du désert marocain box in brown paper, stick a “Thank you” label on the back and then (not shown here) it goes into some bubble foil and inside a cardboard box that is then sealed with tape. And then I stick an SKU label on the back, with a barcode for shipwire. LDDMEDT50 (shown here): A simple sku code, that is unique and tells everybody, including me, immediately what’s inside, the L’air Du Désert Marocain, in EDT, 50 ml. You know: You never know… one fine day there might be an other air du désert, another concentration, another volume. Not know, though, as I think LDDM is perfect the way it is.

And, yes, I do all this and keep the wheels running (warehouse, an own company in the US, shipping stuff forth and back), because my online shop and my perfume loving fans buying air du désert marocain directly from me, there, is vital and an important part of my business and my fun when reaching out to clients there.

I shipped these packed units Tuesday and they got delivered Thursday, after 30 hours travel time, including customs clearance and FDA clearance. Wow. That’s fast. That’s what I love about shipping stock to the US: It is so much easier than shipping to Italy, Poland, Croatia, Spain, and a few other EU countries. One fine day, I will draw a relative perfume shipping distance world map: the relative distance would be a mix of how long does it take, how much paper work, and how expensive is it. A side note: Greece would be like on the other side of the globe from here. The US would be as close as it gets to Switzerland. Germany, too.

Anyhow, I had another shipment to the US early this week; stock and stuff and I made a mistake in the papers. A copy/paste mistake from the last shipment. Although it was a very small mistake in the text, and to my total amazement, the US customs realized that. So… cool: Actually someone reads what I write in these papers! And even cooler: When they learned that it was just a copy/paste error it was all cleared. No questions asked. That’s what I call public service.

Anyhow; what I actually wanted to tell you…when I heard about this mistake in the paperwork, I immediately blamed FedEx. I was triple checking the papers, did not see my mistake, and was 110% convinced that they or anybody else was to blame. But for sure not me. Ha!

Shame on me. It was a “mea culpa” moment. And later, in a quiet hour, a moment of introspection: It is so easy to blame others and so dangerous to become mentally lazy and not look into the mirror with an open eye.