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soon, more explorer set variations

Yesterday, in my two room factory, I filled ZETA- a linden blossom theme, one of my underperforming fragrances, into 15 ml flacons of the explorer set. Underperforming is a bit misleading, though. The scent performs wonderfully on skin, and it blooms and is gentle at the same time. I personally love it very much. In a certain sense, with its richness in sandalwood, it feels a bit like a neroli-linden-attar. In that sense,I find it quite special, in comparison to many other scents that  I did. To produce it, it is one of the more expensive scents, too. Not like Miriam, from the Tableau de Parfums series with Brian Pera. Miriam is like super expensive. But still.

Underperforming means here: we do not sell that much. But in a sense, this is not very important. From a creator’s point of view: It is nice that it is here. And should stay, for a while. There are three more scents still missing (besides the Pentachords that won’t go into the explorer set size right now): Vetiver Dance, Le Maroc pour elle, and Rêverie au Jardin.

The labels for all these are done and I hope that I will soon have a more complete offering in the explorer set. Once I have the 15 ml flacons prepared, I will need to make the cards and put the products as selection for the explorer set in the shop.

And I should let a newsletter out, I guess. Next week, maybe.

When it comes to newsletters: I am always a bit reluctant to click this “PUBLISH NOW” button. But I feel that 4 more explorer set size scents might be worth a little newsletter hello! from Zurich.

What I have not decided, yet… should I make another introduction price for a limited time?

Questions, questions, questions.

But first things first: Get the Rêverie au jardin into 15 ml flacons. Now!