sotto la luna

“Gardenia sotto la luna” is the running title of the excel sheet where I write down my trials of the gardenia scent, and the bases that I use. Before writing this blog post, I was sketching real quick a gardenia sotto la luna (see pciture going with today’s post) that sort of sums it all up.

You remember: I made a gardenia headspace oriented base, discussed a while ago. Another base that I use, but not as a dominant note, more on the side: A white flower base, created a while ago, adjusted last December, that features lines of lily, green jasmine on a general soft, creamy background.

I realized and remembered this when finally! moving on with the gardenia scent and coming up with the next version that should fix the gardenia bit better and that is richer in its base. I think gardenia sotto la luna is a wonderful name and in a sense, it is by itself very inspiring. sotto la luna means “night”, but not a dark night, an illuminated light, by a moon. I see a few clouds, a creamy gardenia shining into the night under a open sky.

Thus, I worked on the gardenia again, adjusting the patchouli, adding some vetiverol, going a touch higher with a dark cistus line, and bringing in more sweetness to the base. I figured that the airy green top notes radiating into the heart from the gardenia base could need some grounding, and need a complement. I also adjusted a few other ingredients but there are a few notes in the base that I did not touch: a sandalwood chord. among them.

Sotto la luna could be a name for an entire line of scents, couldn’t it? There could be a tuberosa sotto la luna, a rrose sotto la luna, a whole giardiono sotto la luna. But first things first: gardenia.

Love it!