summer's end

Here, in Zurich, we have sort of reached the end of the summer. The weather shifted from hot and humid to cool and very humid: It is grey and rains.

Thus, no miracle that I was sniffing a cologne trial I made a long time ago. I called it Cologne au vetiver. It is an all natural cologne that features some vetiver in the base (together with a few other woods). And now, after having discovered the best Neroli essential oil (orange blossom essential oil) produced in Morocco: I really, really feel like continue working on this cologne. I would love to enrich the base a bit. A  little bit more woods, in order to make it last a bit longer. You know: Eau de Colognes are really fleeting by nature. At least they used to be. These days, there are colognes on the market that have a sticking power that competes with nuclear waste. Sort of.

Anyhow, I will play a little bit there, with my vetiver cologne, using Bourbon vetiver that is less smoky and leathery, but more woody. And I pump the cologne up and add a twist here and there with carrot seeds essential oil (think woody iris notes), coriander seeds oil (think woody airy notes, adding coriander seeds is like adding linalool, as it is so rich in linalool), rosemary essential oil (adding a campherous twist) and lavender complementing the citrus notes: Lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, litsea, petitgrain, neroli. And then we have the flower notes supporting fraction, like orange blossom absolute and geranium essential oil.

And right now , I am considering to add a bit of a rose absolute, too.

And once mixed: I need to come up with a dilution that is maybe a bit lower, thus strengthening the scent and then we see.

I wish you a nice weekend. Mine will be citrus loaded.