advent calendar 2010

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Day 24

This is day 24 of my advent calendar. (The advent calendar draws are now closed) It is the last chance to win the cologne du Maghreb, in a very simple 50 ml flacon,  all natural and all botanical, by simply leaving a comment below. But wait, wait, wait: Because it is Christmas, you have another […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 23

If you look for your chance today, on December 23, to win the cologne du Maghreb: Please visit one of my all time favorite blogs: Click here to go to the nonblonde blog.

Give aways and goodies

Day 22 of the advent calendar

This is day 22 of the advent calendar, typed by Andy again, and your chance to win another Cologne du Maghreb by leaving a simple comment: What will you be cooking in your house on December 24? I will make (with lots of help from W.- factor) gnocchi and salsa for my brother’s family with […]

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Day 21 of the advent calendar

This is day 21 of our advent calendar and it’s again the W-factor who is typing these lines. W stands of course for Werner (Werni) although I could live with some of your suggestions such as Wunder-Werni.  Another wonder is the fact that W survived Andy’s whimpering during the last few days. Contrary to what […]

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Day 20 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 20 of our advent calendar and fragrant greetings from the W-factor who is writing these lines as Andy can not lift his arm high enough anymore to reach the keyboard. Another chance to win a “Cologne du Mahgreb” by simply leaving a comment below. And here’s a little riddle: The W in […]

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Day 18 of the advent calendar

Good morning to you all on this bright winter day! I hope all your plans for Friday night worked equally well as mine. I wish you a lovely weekend and please leave a little hello in the comment section below to make sure that you participate in today’s draw of a cologne du maghreb  in […]

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Day 17 of the advent calendar

this is day 17 of the advent calendar, hosted by myself again, after a guest hosting over there at PerfumePosse yesterday. I love their blog! And, again, you can win your cologne du Maghreb, sent to you by myself, provided I picked you with from the comments below. You can find out more on […]


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In order to access today’s (Dec. 16) advent calendar entry…. click here Enjoy your December 16!

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Day 15 of the advent calendar

This is day 15 of the advent calendar, and today you can comment on perfumes with changed formulas and whether you miss them. After yesterday’s comment sections on notes with incense being very high on the list (would not have thought that)  here is another chance to win a Cologne du Maghreb by simply leaving […]

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Day 14 of the advent calendar

Hello from Zurich, Switzerland, a sort of little big city in the heart of Europe. EUROPE, with its EURO crisis, where it is quite chilly below zero Celsius and where with dropping temperatures the EURO versus the Swiss Franc is dropping on a daily basis, too. After yesterday’s prize that goes to Canada, here is […]