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back and getting ready

I think it is fair to say that Jovoy has become the first stop for selective niche in Paris. Finally.  And I am going there. The next city on my radar is Paris, where I will attend the official shop opening of Jovoy. My bottles already are, although you do not see them on their […]

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going downtown- Tauer at MIN

OK. Now it is sort of official. You find tauer from now on in the MIN Apothecary in New York. Here is the link if you want to visit virtually. And if you want to visit physically: It is quite easy to find. Just follow your nose, in NY and on Crosby street (#117) you […]

what's up?

another long weekend but in a different context

I am back from New York since Wednesday where the shopping related credit card damage got not into substantial area. I guess I was just too busy meeting people and talking. Imagine: I did not even buy jeans… A few books on illustrations and packaging are on the shopping list and decorate the coffee table […]