creating scents

stretch goals

Today’s picture: My pink little tulips are about to start blooming on the veranda/garden. It all started with a few bulbs and every year the patch of pink tulips gets larger. Nice! Like all early tulips they do not last long but I have different varieties of tulips in the garden, with varying time to […]

creating scents

an old fashioned flask

You know: It is odd. When creating fragrances, sometimes, rarely though, things fall in place like a magic hand leads you through your excel layout of a formula and later mixing of the written formula. Most of the lines, notes, ingredients just seem to snuggle perfectly, like a large tetris assembly where things just fit. […]

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Yesterday, while jogging through wine-yards under the most gentle October sun you can imagine, I figured that there are other modes of creative survival possible , just in case folks would stop supporting my perfumery venture, or I would get bored doing scented objects. I jogged and figured that I would probable start developing my […]