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First: The draw for an early X-mas soap is closed and we have a winner: Kelly (4h…@…). Congratulations to you, an e-mail is on its way to you, too!

And for all others who did not win: Thank you and please stay tuned.  And a thank you for all your comments. It sure feels good!

Today, I write about a meeting I had yesterday, about the design of a scented card. Very tauer centric, sorry. But first things first….

We decided last week to launch the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE in 30 ml, as part of the HOMAGE line. I planned to do this anyhow some time, but now we know: By May 2011 it will be ready in the 30 ml format. As my fellow Italian perfume lovers had basically no chance to experience this fragrance in the past and to test a new tool: I decided to make a few thousand scented cards for Italy.

I learned about these by SCENTIS, a French company, making paper strips and more; among the more are scented cards: about 7.5×11 cm, made of special, high quality paper without glue and extra long fibers. This paper is what makes Scentis special and where they are unique in the world. This paper absorbs fragrances and releases them over days and weeks. Yes. Weeks. I got a sample card and it is truly amazing how long the scent lasts, and how close to the original it remains. Amazing. Thus, we will get scented cards, with a relief print and some text on it. One side will feature the brand (Tauer, IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES) and the other side will be product specific, but without any notes. Just the name and the color code. An invitation to smell, each individually packed into little polypropylene bags for me without me doing anything. delivered to my house in February, provided the first tests with the fragrance are successful. I cannot wait…

Today’s picture is tauer centric, too. It shows you a detail of what I have seen all evening yesterday, while polishing Incense extrême flacons.