what's up?


This is the second post today which is special and does not come often. But then, it is not often that I offer a new website with products either. I will not talk much about tauerville.com here, as it is a new story, sort of beta, complementary to tauer perfumes, work in progress, therefore you might want to register for the newsletter there, We are in for some bumps on the way ahead for sure. You can say: Another brand, another offering, a creative outlet. New rules, different rules. New products, different products. An invitation. Right now for the US and Switzerland only, with the plan to reach out further once we learned a couple of lessons.

While working on it last year, I was super excited. Rose flash was the test ground. Now that tauerville is here, I am still excited, and curious what is going to happen next.

I am sure that there’s fun ahead, for all of us.