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terroir perfumes, foulards and cookies over the weekend

Like Ronny said on her blog: A lot is going on these days. I guess this is true for most of us. It’s the holidays…

Here, we are a bit behind schedule, with a few minor things, like soaps (Mandarines ambrées), scents (Le Maroc pour elle) and concepts (Sotto la luna). Besides the holidays approaching, there is another perfume brand approaching, and since last Saturday, it is actually officially here, or there: In Zurich. Richard Lüscher Britos, terroir perfumes, featuring 5 scents by five perfumers, and one of them is me.

The fragrances are all natural, in my case free of any isolate and consisting exclusively of essential oils, resins and absolutes. It is a fragrance that I  have built around the terroir Causse Méjan, and the lavender growing there. And here’s an amazing detail on the side: This scent lasts for hours and hours, and if you apply it overnight, chances are good you might wake up with it in the morning. The brand is called Richard Lüscher Britos for the last names of the three founders. Friday evening was the official opening of their store in Zurich, and I could for the first time see their flacon, the packaging and the super cool foulards that they got done, with fine print on silk, one picture for each terroir. My blog picture today shows you a little detail of the foulard that goes with my terroir, 44N 3E. So that was cool.

Equally cool was Valerie visiting me, bringing cookies and sniffing scents. This visit or rather: My baking cake for this visit, is documented on Facebook.

So…. I hope that this week will allow me to get done what needs to get done and that by the end of this week, I will find the time to work on the good stuff that is less important, for sure not urgent, but I so much love to do it: playing with scents again. But first things first: The urgent and important stuff.

Ah, yes: I forgot : Amazing but true, I have seen three scents from my kitchen being launched in November. That’s kind of a lot.