creating scents

The full picture

There we go… today’s picture, shrinked to 300 pixels width for the blog from an A4 sized canvas (digital canvas, at 300 dpi), shows you another auto portrait.

I got the question a couple of times ago: When I draw digitally, I do not start with a photo on which I paint on top. But I start with an empty canvas and start painting on the growing numbers of layers. What is nice about painting digitally: You can add a new layer and test ideas, and if you do not like them, you get rid of the layers and start again, without having destroyed what you did before. I wish sometimes it was like that when composing perfumes.

The disadvantage of course: It is tempting, very tempting indeed, not to work seriously and not to reflect about what you are doing as it does not matter, really.

When I compose fragrances, I do not check really what I did in previous fragrances, and what was successful and what not. this would be a futile venture. Thus, a couple of scents are quite different, one from the other. On the other hand, looking at some scents, I can see some sort of a ladder, how the creative path goes up (and down), following preferences developing, new ingredients that become part of the palette. For me, the fun when creating scents is coming up with new fragrances, that are new in my range of scents. I just love to move on. And I guess I am very lucky that my perfume loving friends moved with me, too.

Shocking as it might be: A formula that I stopped working on is  forgotten  pretty soon (in the sense that I do not remember details anymore) and this allows me to start on a new layer, basically.

Be it: This week is so busy that I do not have a lot of time to talk or paint, really. I have my nieces working in the factory, a bit, and need to prepare for their helpful presence.

But if you have time: I have a video on youtube for you, about me (of course, sorry for always being so self focused here 🙂 ….). Geurenland. 17 minutes about Andy Tauer. How cool’s that?

Before you watch it. A few minor corrections: I was never married. If I was, then I have successfully deleted this memory.

And I was not born and raised in Kansas, USA  (but Kaiserstuhl, Switzerland, which sounds similar, I guess). Here’s the link to the youtube video by Geurenland.

Have a great day!