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Hurray: My website is up and running again. I am so relieved. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to upgrade to a secured site (you know: https://…) and got a certificate for my domain, and a specific IP addresss (not shared) and then the whole thing crashed under our hands. My IT supporter managed to get things up and running after two days and for a while we observe the system now before we make the next step: Upload the certificate and go in safe mode. … A positive side note: The website works (again) with iphones and pads and the home loads much faster. And I removed 850 MB of trash from the site’s database. Amazing how much  e-trash assembles over a year or two.

But the last two days changed a few plans I had in terms of website and e-products….

Anyhow: Today’s picture shows you the way I see things. I am talking about the other alternative for a launch in 2013 (see the previous post for a more masculine woody tobacco leaves amber alternative): the scent that runs under “aldehydic rose”. The picture shows you the main ingredients (and partly notes)  and rose for sure is one central part, but it is not really a rose scent. It is an aldehydic incense vanilla flowery scent with a strong rose component that is pretty unisex. Think Chanel 22, but less soapy.

As I am the creator of this mixture that is quite complex: I am pretty blind. 29 ingredients, key ingredients being bergamot oil, rose oil, rose absolute, geranium, three different aldehydes (CHO in the picture), Patchouli, Vanilla, Styrax, Sandalwood from Australia, B. Serrata (Incense) (combined with Irone and a few glue molecules, such as okoumal) and more flower absolutes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang. Not too much of these, but they are important to add depth and render the composition softer as the aldehydes are pretty much heavily dosed. If you do not like aldehydes: Forget this one. Can a man wear it. Absolutely. On my skin it is actually nice.

But as I am the creator of this mixture I have a hard time thinking of it in different terms than ingredients and effect. Thus, you are confronted with a super non-sexy running title such as aldehydic rose. Which is a bit wrong. But I am not really ready to think about names, yet. It is too early. I am more wondering about which scent to launch early 2013 and getting ready in the coming months. The aldehydic rose would quite complementary to what I have in my collection. But a bit more addressing women.

Hmmm. Maybe we have to come up with a double launch in 2013.