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tuberose blooming after a short summer

It was a late spring this year, in Zurich, followed by a late starting summer. And my tuberose bulbs that I planted in May did not really grow well during June. It was end July and August when the plants started to thrive and grow. A week ago, coming home from Russia, I decided that it is about time to bring the tuberose plants into the house, as it got chilly outside. Thus, we have four pots with a couple of flower stalks, and the hope for the rest of the year: That many will open and bloom, in the house.

The first flower presented itself this morning, against a waking up morning sky: A white beauty. Today’s picture shows you what I smelled this morning. The scent: Lovely, and interesting. Much more on the minty, green, and “airy-spicy” side of methylbenzoate, in comparison to gardenia. Super rich in salicylates, too, with maybe even a hint of something medicinal. There is a strong lactonic component, too, warm and darker, underneath the green campherous notes. This lactonic warm fabric is very comparable to gardenia, with gardenia being more creamy mushroomy in my nose and tuberose being fresher and a bit more “off” than the gardenia.

And, perfect timing: The gardenia in its pot is flowering, too.

And it is a perfect timing as I am going to be in meetings soon, where we talk about sotto la luna, gardenia, tuberosa, and where we will try to come up with some key figures and decisions that go beyond the scents which are finished. This is sort of super motivating.