general thoughts


Today’s picture: My little personal highlight this morning. My tuberose plant blooms on the veranda, in her pot, pretty early for Zurich. It’s perfume? Heavenly! Creamy, green, powdery, rich, sensual, but not obnoxious. It is pure inspiration.

Another pure inspiration moment, the reason for me not commenting on my blog post of last week: Me up there, in the Swiss mountains, taking a day or two off. The timing for this day off was perfect: The weather was better up there than down here. And I could take a deep breath before heading into August that will be super busy, preparing for Pitti, the Florence fragrance fair, and a couple of other autumn features, like bringing Tauerville to Europe, at least to some “selected” retailers here.

But for the moment: I am enjoying my tuberose, Have a great start into your week!