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was calone putting an end to high end male perfumes?

This morning, for no particular reasons, I woke up thinking: “I need to make a Calone centric fragrance”. The second thought was “maybe with a big flower next to it. That would be so odd, maybe a tuberose or rose”. The third thought was “there is a reason why I do not have Calone here in my perfume studio/lab/creative mess”.

The first thought might be due to my greedy subconscious and from a business point of view makes a lot of sense. Talking to my perfumer friends, we often discuss what scents work in the market and which scents don’t and why this might be. We always come to the conclusion that you never know, really. But there are trends. Like: Calone  works for men. And women. Often. And hurray! Calone is cheap. Thus, why does it work? It might be conditioning. My generation got into the perfume buying age when the world was flooded with huge ozonic waves of cool waters and many other waters and l’eaux I survived this era, and yes; I am sort of an exception, I sort of do not like calone really.

But, coming to my second thought, there might lie a rewarding challenge. Fighting with what one does not really like (yet). Although, I am not sure that “rose and calone” go well together. Better to keep it simple, like  Calone and grapefruit and a hint vetiver. Cliché par excellence. Anyhow….Maybe my subconscious tells me that it is time for an aqua di Andy. Although, again: I do not like Calone that much. But then (see thought 1): It is not up to me to decide what people like. And from time to time, as a creator, one should reach out to the observers and try to offer them what they want.

The third thought this morning might be not ok. There is no good reason for not having Calone (see thought 1): Thus, I will get some.

Although, I will do so shuddering. There are a couple of reasons to shudder: Assuming that the answer to today’s blog post title is “yes”, and this yes is confirmed to me on a daily basis by what I see and read and smell in most male perfumes corners, and  knowing that I do not like Calone that much: But I think I have already said that.