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weekend thrills

Here’s the plan: Tauer goes jogging on Saturday, which is a revolution in light of years doing this on Sundays. And while doing so the tauer creative director thinks “soaps”, Pachouli, et al.. Back home the tauer  financial director will provide the funds for tauer sourcing to head downtown for some shopping and when back home the tauer managing director will hit the kitchen and do some part time e-mailing, in support of the tauer communications manager.

I think you got it: There is only one guy when it comes to Tauer Perfumes and I figured I need to post this (again), just to let the world know. I get so many mails where third parties try to sell their competencies to me. And I wish they would do their homework beforehand, checking out how many employees I have (0.5, sort of). There is no need to send e-mails to the PR department of Tauer Perfumes. Nor is there an office where you could talk privately to the sourcing manager.

I was in a meeting yesterday, and the charming lady knew about this fact. We discussed business opportunities next year, interesting projects, all starting with a white paper, sort of. And while discussing  with her, I realized how small and swift my enterprise actually is. Swift as a weasel, we can adjust to needs and wishes. Now that’s a big plus. Unfortunately, there is the other side of the medal, too. Being small translates into Sunday shifts when I get a lot of orders. Guess what: You will see the blue colar tauer this Sunday in his factory, packing air du désert marcain and 15 others scents….

Here’s to a happy, free Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!