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on light and shapes

Today’s picture on the left of this blog entry shows you a black and white picture, taken in Luarca (Luarca on wikipedia), in the evening, while drinking and snaking something high caloric after a long cycling day. Luarca is one of many, many beautiful little villages and cities at the Atlantic coast in Spain, often […]

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the way I see things

Hurray: My website is up and running again. I am so relieved. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to upgrade to a secured site (you know: https://…) and got a certificate for my domain, and a specific IP addresss (not shared) and then the whole thing crashed under our hands. My IT supporter managed to get […]

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lines and sketches

Unfortunately, these days see me sitting in front of the computer, facing excel, and not scents. Or I am in the “factory” packing some scents and getting retailer orders ready.  But I have a few scents on, wrist testing phase so to say, and while putting some air bottles into boxes and thinking about the […]