Ann Magnuson

Tableau de Parfums

back and shifted

I got back from LA yesterday, early in the morning, shifted in time and space and was sort of lost yesterday. It took a while and a good night’s sleep until  fully realized where I am. Intercontinental travel is not that easy. Now, I am back, but not fully back to normal. I am still […]



Happy Wednesday everyone. After spending a day in the car yesterday,I will be traveling all day in the plane to LA. I look indeed very much forward to being swallowed by this plane flight chain of commands.  A good rest for a few hours and the perfect excuse to do nothing. If you wish to […]

Tableau de Parfums

a picture of a rose

The picture of today shows you one details: A stylized rose, that you will find in all MIRIAM manifestations: Samples, purse spray and 50 ml flacon. Today, I will order all the final labels and stickers that I need for MIRIAM, the first fragrance of the Tableau de Parfums line, inspired by the character MIRIAM […]