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“Do you carry your life in this backpack?” , asked me a friend a while ago while we were walking around in town. Sometimes it feels like that. I usually carry paper, pencils,water color, and a box with tools with me. And a pad, a keyboard, some brushes, glasses, adaptors, and a couple of other […]

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exchange rates

Today’s picture shows you the fever chart of the Swiss Franc versus the Euro, yesterday. After a long period of artificially maintained stable exchange rates, the Swiss Federal Bank decided to let the Franc float again, sort of freely, against the other currencies.  The result: Being in the Euro zone, you pay now 20% more for […]

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Ms Helvetia is a tough lady these days

At the end of the day it comes down to: trust. The value of a currency is going up and down in comparison to other currencies based on  a web of trust and buy/sell decisions in a market that is gigantic and larger than the real world due to speculation. A while ago, like 2-3 […]

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big orange

When I walked up the hill on Sunday morning for a jog, after having typed my hand written letter to Mandy into the computer(I wrote it on my way by train for a hike on Saturday. Yes, I did a night shift on Friday and managed to get away) and after having written a few […]