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mirror thoughts, still undecided

Today’s picture shows you a lake, early in the morning, seen shortly after sunset in France, in a very remote area. We got up early as it was a long tour and we wanted to get over the mountains before noon, and started cycling into the sun rising over the hills, leaving a little town […]

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Private life: Bike vacation and the sweet scent of freedom

Today’s picture shows you a moment of peace, sketched after a refreshing hop into a pool, in a pretty, but rather “plastic” hotel. I used the last 15% of my ipad’s battery to quickly sketch an nice contrast of colors and shadows, straight and less straight lines and a tree that falls out of an […]

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you've got a great thing here

After 1000 km on the bike, with lots and lots of time to think, there we go again, trying to get accustomed to the normal life again. The main program of this two week trip was indeed the cycling: following the Rhône, all the way down from Geneva to the Mediterranean sea. The sea was […]