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Happy Thanksgiving

First and most important: A happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the warmth of the season and let us indeed all be thankful for a moment. Whatever the year might have brought to us, wherever we are, and however we might feel after another year inside the movie theater where the film of our live […]

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back in town

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where I landed safely and where work waited for me. After a couple of days off and out of the stream it actually feels great to be back and have a mission. I show a few pictures in a second,  from my trip that was half business half tourism: a fact […]

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Canyon Dr.

Back from Los Angeles. Wow. It is always amazing like you are  catapulted  from one reality into another, from bright lala land into grey z-land, z like Zurich. This time, the catapulting process took a bit longer than expected as the flight to Zurich was cancelled and I was sort of rerouted. But that was […]

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back from LA

I feel I have used today’s post title a couple of time in the past: “back from LA”! But I cannot remember coming back right into such a spring explosion like this year. Tulips, hyacinths, green grass, mint leaves pushing through, and inside the house a gardenia bringing up new sprouts and creamy flowers. Just […]

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Loretta launch event in Los Angeles

I figured, it is time to make an announcement for the Loretta launch event in Los Angeles at the Scentbar of Luckyscent. Mark your calender and please come by and stop for a drink and a whiff of the newest release from Tableau de Parfums. I hope you will be equally excited as we are. […]

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a long weekend

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where we are approaching mid January and where it is still grey but does not really feel like winter. Did you know: Switzerland has seen 2011 the warmest year since 150 year. And nevertheless, I am longing for warmth and light that is razor edge sharp. Thus, yep… I am on […]



Happy Wednesday everyone. After spending a day in the car yesterday,I will be traveling all day in the plane to LA. I look indeed very much forward to being swallowed by this plane flight chain of commands.  A good rest for a few hours and the perfect excuse to do nothing. If you wish to […]

Tableau de Parfums

a picture of a rose

The picture of today shows you one details: A stylized rose, that you will find in all MIRIAM manifestations: Samples, purse spray and 50 ml flacon. Today, I will order all the final labels and stickers that I need for MIRIAM, the first fragrance of the Tableau de Parfums line, inspired by the character MIRIAM […]

Tableau de Parfums


yesterday, we got another larger delivery. Pentagonal tin boxes. A huge pile in boxes of 24 each on 7 palettes. Today’s picture shows you these. It was yesterday that I was even more happy about the new warehouse than before.  Finally room for the 5000 boxes. And almost no carrying around: Just put the stuff […]

pentachordsTableau de Parfumswhat's up?

California dreaming

Still dreaming my private California dreaming: Or my first post -California-holiday blog post with news on Tableau de Parfums and Evenlyn Avenue and more. We got back after two exciting weeks, mostly out in nature, with lots of camping and steaks and smoke. Our washing machine back in Zurich is in heavy duty mode and […]