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after this post

After this post I will be biking down to the factory. I am looking forward to it, as this weekend was spectacularly work free. Which is rare. Or better said: What I did over the weekend did not feel like work really. I spent quite some time behind the easel with brushes, oil and watercolor, […]

what's up?

left side of desk

  today’s picture shows you part of what is on the left side of my desk, a card, more cards, sample labels that wait to be used patiently, and lists and more lists. One list is an excel print out that reminds me to ship samples and information to my retailing partners. One list is […]

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another piece of paper from the printer

Yesterday was a crazy day: And although it was my plan to head down to the factory and pack perfume, I ended up fiddling with an excel and the online shop in the test environment. And doing a lot of other things. Thus, today, I will spend more than a day there. … It took […]