work in progress

Yesterday, on the way home from long weekend in the Swiss countryside, the conversation in the car went like (me) “you know, in a way, it feels right not to work too hard today!” (driver) “how come?” (me) ” well, it’s Labor Day” (driver) “where’s that?” (me) ” well, Labor Day’s happening in the US” […]

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rain drops

Good morning to you and a happy Sunday to you all! Here, in Zurich, in the middle of what seems to be the Jetstream looping out south, we enjoy a couple of wet days. Warm wet days. Not that I really love the idea of jogging in rain or biking in rain to the factory, […]


and the pendulum swings

Fragrant greetings on this Friday, January 6, from Zurich. This Friday sees me writing a few commercial invoices for boxes that go into airplanes and fly over the seas and mountains over the weekend. It sees me on the phone, talking to retailers interested in my brand, and talking to suppliers who supply too slow, […]

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fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in […]