perfumes factory

Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

pump it up

“Take it!”, I said to my team mate in the perfumes factory. … It was a quick, very spontaneous picture. And it is one of the very successfull ones on Instagram. I guess folks get a bit tired of the shiny six pack world of instagram. Have a great start into your week. I will […]

Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

Busy preparing Attar, Rose flash and Au Coeur Du Désert in the factory

This is a snapshot, unfiltered and raw, from one of the desks in the perfumes factory yesterday. We are putting a couple of things together these days: cellophane wrapping Rose flash from the tauerville line, filling uncounted bottles with Au Coeur Du Désert and in between taking care of some Attar orders by filling and […]


Signing cards

Good morning world. Here’s the good news from my side today: I have (finally!) stock again of Au Coeur Du Désert. We run completely dry in the last few days. Now, with new stock in my little happy perfume factory, I need to sign cards, fill bottles and label them for packing Au Coeur Du […]