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when things make a difference

Today, I wanted to talk about the apricot in the upcoming PHI-une rose de Kandahar. But first things first: Here is an interview that I gave to Elena from Perfumeshrine, about marketing in perfumery, splits and decants, stories in niche perfumery and more. I found it important to speak out, be frank, and add to […]

creating scents

golden ratio

After yesterdays very open post on pricing and blingbling in industry and more: Here’s a post on the upcoming PHI-une rose de Kandahar. But first, you might want to quickly check this post on Elena’s perfumeshrine blog, that deals with similar questions raised yesterday. I invite you to also read some of the comments. Highly […]


pentachord samples online

Well, well. I guess this is one of the most exciting days this year. For me at least. I start offering Pentachords samples, individually or as part of the discovery set, on my website, and so does Luckyscent. And today, Elena from the PerfumeShrine blog started the blogging round on Tableau de Parfums and Woman’s […]