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Meeting the press in Munich and what samples to choose

Sometimes I get mails like “to the attention of communications” and alike. And sometimes I wish I would have a communications department. Just sometimes. Like today, early in the morning. Today’s picture shows you my desk, 6 am, making CD’s for the press that I will meet tomorrow in Munich. I was cordially invited and […]

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design aspects

Today’s picture on the left is a shot made with the i-phone somewhere in the vast Moscow Metro ( for a quick overview of its history: click here to visit the Metro Website in English). A lamp that shines its post Soviet light onto stone walls that seem to be built for eternity. The political […]

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I am not used to posing

I am not used to posing for a photos in Wallpaper, hence I picked a location that compensates with flowers and colors and shapes. I proposed the Botanical Garden, where I might hide behind gigantic sunflowers or orchids, shy as always. In case of me shining through  and showing up behind the flowers, I get […]


Official PR

This is the official PR for the new Tauer launches, on Now Smell This. Click here for Robin’s post. And here my contribution to this PR fact (click on image for larger version).