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another selfie and let’s shake things up a bit

I came back from my break a week ago and yeah: I came back to a pile of work that would have asked for a caterpillar truck to get it out of my way. This did not mean that there was no time to fool around in the social media. Like publishing today’s picture on […]

marketing and branding

just a quick selfie

but without looking into the camera, and holding a box with perfume of course! Trust me: It was not easy to get this shot done properly without somebody else holding the camera. The reason for this particular foto is: I was searching for a picture online and came upon a website, about myths and profile […]



I got myself a headlight for camping. Today’s picture shows you what the light does when having it shine down, on myself… I do not like to post selfies too much. I am not a digital native and always feel that my face is not that important really. But here, I could not resist. When I […]

what's up?

another word on PHI

Today, I have another shipper coming by and picking goods up, there where I pack them- in the two room factory; some when during the day a truck driver will knock on the door and pick goods up. The problem: You do not know when they are going to make an appearance. Technically, it could […]