marketing and branding


Yesterday was a super grey day here in Zurich. Rain pouring, cold temperatures, bad news:You name it! I was sitting in the factory most of the time during the day, filling bottles, answering mails on the side, and enjoying the whiffs of Orange Star emanating from the manual dispenser that I use for bottle filling: […]

creating scents


Another post on gardenia, accompanied by a sketch of the flower, as seen this morning in the house of tauer, on the little bush, still blooming from time to time in the living room. Actually, it is a sketch done again on the wacom tablet, using an H2 pen emulation. Quite funny, how accurate the […]


another word on gardenia

After yesterday’s post on logistics and some differences in shipment, that are not really bothering as there is always a way around and out: Today a short post on raw materials again. And gardenia. And bases built to reproduce a good part of the head space of gardenia. And on how to build a scent […]