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Today’s picture is my contribution for @perfume_society on #twitter on their #smellfie hashtag idea. Yes, this post is about social media. I am switching gears there, having learned a couple of lessons. And as always: I am following my gut feeling and let me guide by my happiness factor: where am I more happy these […]

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not made for human beings

After the usual Sunday jog and the obligatory near death coma afterwards, I read- as always, the Spiegel on the ipad last Sunday,  and an interview with computer pioneer Jaron Lanier about the internet capitalism and the imminent dangers there. Worth reading, in German, though. In a subtle way it was water on my mill: […]

marketing and branding

the brave new world that is not so brave

Today, I would like to first send you to a great read, an interesting post, a blog article, by Sheila Eggenberger, on her blog ” The Alembicated Genie” titled the Brave New World. Here is the link, click here…  And now byebye and enjoy your read! It is food for thought and teached me as […]