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An e-shop is a boutique, too

at the Pitti fair in Florence, I was chatting with one of gurus in the industry. “You need a boutique”, he told me. And on my objections that I am too small: “An online store is a boutique, too”, he replied. And the why is answered by: You need to show your world. So there you […]

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again and again

in the watercolor class yesterday: Tulips. Again. We “did” tulips last week, too. I did not mind. This week, the teacher came with three lessons, take home lessons and stuff to work on: Using alternative tools to “nail” these tulips and getting around worrying about the details, kind of: Abstraction without losing the motif. Doing […]



Kraftort is German, and I guess it does not really translate well. Power place. A place where there is power, where you can plug in (figuratively) and recharge. Today’s picture shows you such a “Kraftort”, where I was over the weekend. In the Alps, at the foot of a glacier (100 years ago the hotel […]

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bunch of flowers and tomatoes

Good morning from Zurich, still in winter’s grip, which is ok as it is February and this tends to be the coolest month of the year around here. But it is also the time when I start getting sick of winter. So, what can you do? I tend to look at winters here from my […]