creating scents

mushrooms and zen

uiuiui… a few days only until I get out of town in order to travel to the US. There seems to be a mountain of things to get done before that.

Today, I will pour some air du désert marocain into bottles. Actually, I am not really pouring it, but more pushing it out  of a 10 liter dispenser. I was thinking about getting an air pressure operated liquid dispenser for a while, but the cost/benefit ratio did not really make sense (yet). Putting the labels on takes much more time than pushing the liquid in. So I will push some desert air into bottles and crimp them with the manual crimping tool. This is pretty repetitive and I have friends who tell me to outsource this to free resources  for more creative endeavors:Spend a bit money, to safe time that I can then use to come up with new things.

Yesterday, when walking through warm October rain in the woods and enjoying the sights and smells of Fall, I figured that I need to make sure not to have enough time for creative endeavors. I sometimes feel that I have too many ideas already now and that it might better focusing a bit more on each of them, in detail and depth.  And, looking at me filling bottles and putting labels onto bottles, there is another aspect.

It is total meditation. zen like sinking into another world. Sort of.

And there is yet another aspect: By doing it myself, I can really keep costs down and be super flexible. Be it just a few $ in the end: I prefer to put these coins into the flacon, or offering the flacon for a better price, than paying someone pushing the juice into the flacon. But, of course, one fine day, this will change, simply because there will be too many bottles to fill.

Anyhow: Filling bottles is zen.

Thus, today, I will sit mostly in the factory and meditate. Things to grind and put into perspectives in my head these days: I need to come up with an idea what I want inside a leporello that I want to get done by  spring next year, going with every product.( a leporello is like a folded brochure, kind of zigzag folded.) And I will think about a few “latest” trials. Like the gardenia version 8.1.1 that needs to mature but nevertheless ends up on my skin and under my nose on a daily basis. There, in version 8.1.1 is a hint of a mushroom note, but not cheesy, more like a real subtle little mushroom sitting innocently inside an immaculate flower. The other night, I got the biggest compliment for this trial, but it was not related to any little mushrooms sitting there. So this little fellow is hiding. Which is good. This is one of the oddities in perfumery: You add notes in a way that hides them, but you need to make sure that the notes are there.

Anyhow, I will also need to come up with some ideas how to deal with Europe’s deepening crisis. I guess it is time to really look for other markets outside of the Euro zone. But that’s another issue. And I guess I will meditate on this one when flying over the Atlantic.

So that’s been a lot of topics for one post: Time to get busy….And with that I would like to made a link to today’s picture: a cluster of unknown mushrooms, sitting innocently in the woods these days.