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the next step

have you realized? We got the website on a new level…. It looks the same but the its and bits steering it have changed. Basically, we put an entire new carpet over the floor. When you shop and visit, this carpet is what you see. I was working with Diglin GmbH, a small company, […]

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so, I am sort of back after being sick for a couple of weeks. I could basically just take care of the ongoing business but not of new products and plans for the future. Therefore, my plan to launch the newest scent/project: it is delayed and rescheduled. I think it will be after August now, […]

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Vanilla planifolia shortage

I always say: do not buy a lot but buy quality. It will make you more happy in the end. Quality is, of course, very subjective and when it comes to perfumes also tricky to see, sometimes. The prices especially in the luxury segment do not reflect quality but are marketing decisions. This post is […]

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the miniature of air du désert marocain is here

I have uploaded the miniature of L’air du désert marocain on my website. It is so cute. Finally, it is there, together with the 5ml attar. Details of the deal, after long discussions with friends, and bookkeepers: The l’air du désert miniature comes with free shipment and it sells for 15.-. The scent is […]

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In my last post I mentioned the Tauer miniature flacons. Here comes an update: I have actually filled a couple of hundred of these  miniature flacons with L’air du désert marocain and will put them online soon. But there ‘s more. I have also filled them with the scent Attar. Some of you remember this […]

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it used to be

Yesterday, after not working in the perfume factory for three days because of a course that I took: I was packing retailer orders. It used to be different in summer. Usually the summer months were pretty much quiet and I loved it. There used to be time to build up stock, to prepare launches for […]

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Tauer MAG issue 03 is out

Hurray! The Tauer MAG issue 03 is out and I started shipping the first copies. The MAG will only be available as print version and I am shipping a sample of the next (undisclosed) Tauerville flash scent together with this edition. The tauerville scent is still a secret… Inside the MAG: There’s an article by […]

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This… and the newsletter is out

Hurray! I sent another newsletter, announcing the issue 02 of my Tauer MAG. This, printed and shiny and all, you can get it online here. It costs 5.- but I will ship it with a coupon code inside, offering 5.- off on the next purchase on And there’s more: I am announcing three room […]

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So, it is here. The L’eau. Finally. Eau is the fragrance mentioned a couple of times here; when I was discussing a clear (clean- but I do not like that term) fragrance I am working on. Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to talk a bit about it and to celebrate and just hang out […]

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delivery imminent

Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today’s orders) it sits on the wrapped […]