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7404 Pantone

“Alles ist Licht” , that’s what I thought when I looked into the sun yesterday. Thus, today’s picture shows you the sun over snow and mountains, seen yesterday near Zurich. Although it is mid February soon and although the sun has gained some strength: Still a long way to green pastures and hyacinths blooming in the garden. There was little time during the last week to post here on the blog: I was super busy taking care of orders from retail partners and we had visitors that sort of asked for our attention. And we were working on some of the last design questions for NOONTIDE petals, its packaging, and how to produce it. For the sample discovery set we (my designer super guru mostly from Designer’s Club, and me)  had to come up with the text and color. In the end we picked Pantone 7404 (the link brings you to a google image search for pantone 7404), a bright happy yellow, that -in my eyes- fits wonderful with NOONTIDE petals, eau de toilette. So that one will go into production now.

I have also sent some stickers to the printing company: The sticker (= product code label) that needs to go onto the metal to see easily from the outside what is inside. And I sent the stickers to the printer that we put on the “hanger” for single samples. This “hanger” is a piece of paper that holds one 1.5 ml spray vial, and it needs a sticker with some information about the scent, like notes, and that it is hand made, and that it is from me.

My goal here: Have all ready for sending samples out before the real full bottle packed and boxed product. “Aus der Not eine Tugend gemacht” or in English: To make a virtue out of necessity: We are a touch behind schedule for the last its and bits for the packaging of the full bottle. There we need to finish the decision making process which cardboard to take for the product labels. This is kind of critical as we decided that we need to print some of the information, such as lot numbers and importers etc., ourselves in low volume numbers (a few hundred per lot number for instance).

Anyhow: If all goes well, March will see me sending the first samples out. And later, end of March or early April will see me sending the first bottles. Ha! Can’t wait anymore!

And you know why I can’t wait anymore: Because I want to move on and (finally) address some new ideas and fragrant stuff. But first things first: NOONTIDE petals must be ready and the bright yellow 7404 sunlight must shine.  I wish you wonderful start into your week; may it be bright!