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a first little Xmas panic blast and day 11 of the advent calendar

Welcome to the 11th day of my advent calendar! We are approaching half term soon (tomorrow) and wow! this basically tells me that there is not more than two weeks left for a trip downtown to go and get some gifts. And I haven’t done my Xmas cards yet. Shame on me. As every year, I said to myself: “this year, everything is going to be different”. I will be a good boy and get my gifts early, early, like …in November! yeah, you bet!

The only presents I got were the ones for me so far. Or no, rather for my enterprise.  I got Tauer Perfumes a new scale, to measure in the near milligrams range, for weighing perfume formulas. Today’s picture shows you where I got it (Labor Faust) and my enterprise is soooo happy. A nice, simple to use, electronic balance, made here in Europe (Germany I think), and used here, in Switzerland, weighing plus/minus 1 milligram.

The picture of today shows you something else, too. A sample vial that I got from Flavex in Germany, a producer of carbon dioxide extracts. This is a super generous sample of a 95% Vanillin CO2 extract from Vanilla planifolia extracts. Vanillin is the molecule that gives the vanilla pods some of their vanilla smell and taste. Vanillin is what is used in your yoghurt. So this extract is a natural CO2 extract, with a concentration of vanillin of 95%. And, as it is an all natural extract, it comes with an incredible rich aroma. These 5% extra non vanillin ingredients are just wonderful. It is like combining the best of two worlds. Vanillin is great to use and easy to balance in a mix, and the natural side notes give it this richness that you only find in true natural vanilla pods extracts, like an absolue.

The whole thing comes as power and in order to mix trial scents, you really need a good balance. That’s why I figured: time to get it.

So, I guess, this does not count as X-mas gift to self, does it? Today’s draw, with the winner picked by random.org as usual, is for yet another sample set (I am behind my soap production schedule!) where you can pick samples of your five favorite scents from my collection. To participate: Just leave a comment. Anything goes. If you wish, you might share with the world what you will give yourself for X-mas. A lovely December 11 to you all.

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