Give aways and goodies

a flattering video and a draw

Sorry for not posting for a while: I discovered a little technical issue on the blog and did not want to risk a thing…

So there we go. This is the first video that I have seen this morning. 2 minutes pure joy and I am still feeling totally flattered. Thank you so much, Carlos!

And now: Please visit the Peace Love and Perfume facebook page to enter the give-away. Good luck! Here’s the link to the page. (yes, maybe you need to ask to join the group if you wish…)

On another note: there is a lot going on. Tauerville runs a countdown for the next tauerville fragrance. And very soon there is Pitti Fragranze and honestly: I just can’t wait anymore until I can finally talk about this great perfume fair and present the newest baby in the tauer perfumes line. That’s going to happen in two weeks and three days. Imagine!