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a hot day ahead

Before I post more on Miriam et al tomorrow: Yesterday was very hot, today is going to be quite hot, too. Hot because the temperatures outside have reached high summer levels.  And also because we sort of get into first activated level in preparation of Tableau de Parfums, Pitti and as we face a few supplier and sourcing issues.

In a sense, this is going to be normal.  A product like a boxed and labeled perfume has a supply chain of about 10-20 different direct contact suppliers. In the second row, suppliers who supply my suppliers to produce my products, it is of course much more. Thus, quite frequently I  need to try new solutions, optimized solutions, different solutions.

In a sense it is always fascinating to see where all the parts come from and how they fit together. But usually, when I think about my supply chain, it is because one of the many chains is broken or not working properly or endangered to work properly.

While it is so hot, we dream of cool mountain valleys. Today’s picture shows you a larch cone, taken home with me from a hike in the mountains, scanned.