a list with 500 perfumes on basenotes

Good morning from Zurich, where I am getting ready for a new exciting week under a perfect blue sky. Last week was less perfect and saw me more in bed than in a vertical position, but we are sort of up and running again… One of last week’s highlights was: Grant Osborne’s list on : “500 greatest modern perfumes”, selected and listed by a couple of parameters, digged out from the basenotes database that must be enormous by now. Imagine: Basenotes is 15 years old/young. Amazing! Parameters were wardrobes, stars, positive/negative reviews.

Grant published also a piece of statistical data here. Again: Amazement…because about 7% of all perfumes in the list are actually indie created perfumes, indies like tauer, vero profumo, Bruno Fazzolari and others. I think this is awesome.

And also totally awesome is: Air du désert marocain landed on place 8 on this list. Nice. And Wow!