making of

a lot of things

These days are filled with a lot of things; unfortunately the need to get done things leave little room for playground things. Thus, we fill samples and prepare files and pictures and more for the upcoming Piti Imagine Fragranze exhibition and a few other future happenings. When I make samples, I usually make a bit more, to stock up and have some in reserve for my online shop where we sell the discovery set. The longer the better, by the way.

This is probably one of the best ideas I ever had, the five samples, the little tin box, the cards. It is a perfect entry point into the world of tauer. And as its shipment and logistics is optimized: I love to prepare these and send them out. The longer the more!

Thus, we make samples. Making samples for a fragrance show is actually not a bad occupation, aside from the fact that these samples that we made yesterday will not be sold, but will be gifts for retailers and some selected clients (selected as we cannot afford to give samples like bonbons at the show), but it turns a bid boring after the first few hours. And to be frank: I am looking forward to doing different things than sample filling and labeling after another day or two.

Bottom line: It is a sample making week. Now, having said this, here’s the e-mail that made me smile  this morning for a tenth of a second before I deleted it unanswered. “… having heard a lot about your products I would like to receive some samples to test them…”

There was a time a few years ago when I still bothered answering these free sample begging mails. Apart from one or two nobody never came actually back to my reply.

In the mean time I look at these queries and their senders like flies: Annoying as you have to make one click (delete) but not much more.

Some sample beggars seem to have lists of e-mails that they go through on a monthly, yearly basis, coming up with new stories, such as cancer, an important friend, whatever. Some are plain unfriendly, like “give it to me, now, or I will never buy from you” and some do not really bother to adapt their mails, and you get the most impersonal mail imaginable. In a sense it is funny.

Thus, we make samples today, again. And we take care of our guest dog until tomorrow, which brings brightness and a few slow walks (old dog) into our lives.