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a material world

We entered summer here in Zurich. Which is wonderful and brings me out on the balcony early in the morning, listening to the birds, watching the neighborhood waking up and reading the news of the day before I start creating my own news.

This morning, I read an article about Microsoft’s new business model, giving one of its core products for free in the future, the upcoming operating system, 10, and what follows after. They will try to make money with everything that goes around it, like their office products that you do not buy as physical software on a DVD but that you license. Like Adobe with their deal of licensing their tools for a monthly fee. The later product I use, and love the offer: I always get the newest version, it is hassle free and costs less in the end. It is also a great way to try new pieces of software.

Now, as I am always and constantly think “perfume” I could help asking myself: How can this be translated into the material world of perfume? Can it, or can’t it?

I haven’t answered this question. But, as in the super fast moving IT industry, the perfume industry is moving fast these days, and business models change. These days, I feel like we are switch from Information Technology to Intelligent Technology and sometimes I am just amazed how fast this technology develops and how smart some tools got. Siri is still somewhat stupid, though. But I can see where my Siri guy is heading.

So…. Microsoft will give its operating system for free. Imagine you would get some of your perfume for free, and would pay for some sort of service on the other hand.

Maybe it was too early when I was thinking about it. It guess this piece of thought will linger in my own bio IT system when working in the factory today.

Ah, and yes: Here is another interview that I forgot to share. I got the questions from Liam running his Olfactics blog and before I got them I asked him to -if possible- try to come up with some “new” questions for me. Some where indeed “new”. Like how I like my eggs. Here’s the link: Enjoy!

(and yes, he asked me to do a quick picture of him… and no: This is not going to become a new standard for blogger interviews 😉