A moment with lily of the valley

Yesterday was air du désert bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. And today we engage in UNE ROSE VERMEILLE bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. Oups. No. Wrong. We are still waiting for the labels, but do the bottle thing.
Over the week end we plan to do more bottle pouring fun, in preparation for the PITTI FRAGRANCE exhibition September, and for expected sales early autumn.

Thus, normal production routine towards the end of this week.

Let me introduce and seduce you in between: Please visit FRAGRANTICA and make sure you participate on their draw for a Carillon pour un ange, co-organized by Luckyscent. The draw is over this Friday!  There, you will find a little text by myself: This is my contribution to the e-book project “A MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY”,  a charity project that will end up in an e-book, jointly organized by Tauer and luckyscent.com . (what kind of charity: Will be decided by poll on this blog later)

Here is one reason why I wanted to do this e-book: I realized that with every launch I get more interest in what I do, interest by the press and other media. And one day, I figured that this attention might be used to create awareness to xyz. xyz was something in the field of charity, and fun, and community oriented. The hope that I have with this e-book project: That by spring 2011, when launching the Carillon pour un ange in its final packaging and getting the press for it, we can use part of the press to push sales of the e-book. And that we continue collection stories and end up with a large e-book on lov(e).

Thus, I look forward to receiving many contributions. If you consider sharing your MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY: please send it to us by e-mail or snail mail and do not publish it here (or there) ONLY: For copyright issues we need your official agreement for publication by e-mail or snail mail. Details you find in here: MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY (pdf file, 200 kb).