Tableau de Parfums

a picture of a rose

The picture of today shows you one details: A stylized rose, that you will find in all MIRIAM manifestations: Samples, purse spray and 50 ml flacon.

Today, I will order all the final labels and stickers that I need for MIRIAM, the first fragrance of the Tableau de Parfums line, inspired by the character MIRIAM in Woman’s Picture, brought to life by the actor Ann Magnuson.

It is a rose, as Miriam is a perfume built around a green vintage rose, but it could also be a violet, as violets are playing a central role in Miriam, too. The color is quite close to an “antique fuchsia”, complementing a faded shade of pink that we use on some labels, a color that I picked to be very close to “tea rose”.  You get the idea, I guess.

Thus, I need to go through all label files again, make sure that they are print-ready and then I send them off. And then, after a few its and bits down in the warehouse, my weekend will start in the evening. I hope I find some time to play: I have a few ideas in my head for chords and combinations of notes and now that almost everything is in place for Tableau de Parfums the time has slowly but surely come to start playing again. I missed working with my fragrant bottles.

Ah, yes. In the mean time, Brian will get ready to present Woman’s picture at Outfest in Los Angeles (July 11 and 16). Outfest is cool. If you are in the area…