what's up?

a pink rose

Yesterday, while jogging and wondering where we and the Dollar US and the EURO will head in the coming years, I realized that for someone in the US, everything that comes from abroad becomes insanely expensive these days. Not because the producers would charge more, but because the $ got sort of weak. At least versus the Franc, the Yen, and a few other currencies.

Actually, there was a little article in the Sunday papers, explaining why the US needs to get prepared for even higher inflation rates, and why there seems to be an interest in these growing rates. Not that I would understand it, but it all seems so wrong to me. Maybe it is an European perspective, where we do not have to go back 100 years in history to learn how people have lost everything to inflation.
Anyhow: The other day I read a reader comment in the newspaper which was enlightening. It was an article about various states failing on their loans, going bankrupt and how it might affect the flow of money. The comment was refreshingly simple. As most of the money on this planet is of speculative nature and not used to produce things and provide happiness, it does not really matter if a lot of the money on this planet is lost.

Thus, we can all look happily forward into a future with failing states and money loosing its value.

On a happy note: I think I will make it a light summer sky blue on that one wall in the warehouse. I read about blue being soothing and calming down. This will sure help me while boxing and bottling. And while thinking FETISH. Yesterday, again while jogging, I thought that I need a bit styrax (not the resinoid, but the pyrogenized material resulting from a destructive distillation) in anything fetish, for its leathery aspect.
Today’s picture: A scanned rose, pink, with a smell that is faint, but green and soft.