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a question I really stopped worrying about

The other day I bumped into a NY Times article, and a little debate, again!, and I read the article, diagonally, having been sent there from somewhere in facebook space and clicking my way away shortly afterwards into another online space. To be honest: I so do not care anymore, about the question discussed there (I cannot find the link, sorry):  Are perfumes pieces of art, is perfumery art? This question makes me yawn and has become totally irrelevant to me.

Thus, there is no reason to discuss this hear, in my humble opinion, at least.

What I find interesting, however, super interesting! is the fact that this question is brought forward, often, by 1) personae who self declared themselves as being relevant ( I have nobody particularly in mind) and 2) the fact that this question is usually discussed in the context of Chanel 5 or other brands that are pretty large and well known.

It reminds me of a perpetuum mobile, a perpetual motion machine, where an irrelevant question is pushed forward by caretakers of this question, pushed to the questioner to be answered later by the pushers.

What is interesting: The shallower the world of niche gets, the more art seems to become important as term.

Anyhow: as mentioned above. Not important for me. The question is often discussed so seriously, doggedly almost, and like many discussions about perfumes: Too serious for my taste. Me thinks: Perfume=A sensual experience, fun, even if we don’t like a scent, it should and can be a thrilling and happy experience.

So there we go: A shy message to all of you who need to wash a scent off because it is soooo ugly. Why not let it happen, take it as a ride into unknown territory, an experience that may not be a happy but a thrilling ride? In the end: a fragrance is what we make of it.

So there we go: I am sort of fun driven there. And even packing scents can be fun, looking at it from the right angle. Today’s picture shows you the first labelled flacon of Eau d’épices sketched the other day in the factory. Have a great day!