Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

a sampling week before a full bottle filling week

The last couple of days were -besides the routine order fulfillment and paper work stuff- sample filling days. All sorts of samples, all filled and labelled by hand in the perfumes factory in Zurich, into glass vials with high quality pumps that are a bit more expensive than your average sample pumps.

One reason why we hardly never experienced a leaking sample vial in the past.

Sometimes, I get emails , direct messages, etc. wherein cheapies ask for free samples, just like that, to explore the brand, or for whatever reason. And I always think: in what world do they live their lifes? Are they working for free for everybody? Anyhow: I do not answer these kind of questions. Most “WHY” questions are also not answered. Like “why did you stop this perfume?”, or “why don’t you ship to xyz?”.  “Why don’t you talk to me?”…. Ha! You would not believe what kind of stuff comes in to my inboxes.

Next week, if all goes well, we will get another batch of pentagonal 50ml flacons delivered from Spain. Handmade in Europe. Wow! And: hurray! And then we will go into full size bottle filling frenzy mode. Can’t wait for that! I love filling larger bottles, it feels so much like factory.

…….Enjoy your day! Stay healthy!