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a sixty second man

I am back from Heathrow and in full speed motion again after a few great relaxing days. The two getting together (with folks from Les Senteurs and Scent and Sensibility) were fun and we explored the two new fragrances: The ROSE VERMEILLE and the L’EAU D’ÉPICES. And again, mea culpa, I forgot that these the scents are actually totally new for the UK market. I mentioned it to a few visitors: I am living in a time shifted world. My most intense thoughts these days go to -besides the shipments of orders- the launches of 2011. Thus, yes, we looked at the new kids in town, and I tried to explain a little bit the thrill and challenges of perfume creating and making, also showing a few molecules and essential oils: Raspberry keton, irone, vanilla CO2 extract, Sandalwood oil and the rose oil that goes into the rose vermeille. Getting quite a few aaaah’s and ooo’s with the vanilla….

Especially at les Senteurs, where we discussed the entire line, we talked a lot about contrasts, and bridge building: Concepts used by me in perfume creation.

And we talked about the “60 second fragrances”, the scents that sell in 60 seconds, for instance in duty free shops, and they sell  because they are made to be sniffed and bought. I had quite some waiting time in Heathrow yesterday. I spent it almost entirely in the perfume department, trying to get rid of a few sales reps. One was, no joke, asking me whether I need help, not even looking at me, and 1 second later she said to her colleague: ” I sold 10 of this this morning. Just like that. Fools.” She realized a moment later that I was looking at her. She walked away.

But it was fun, and I sniffed my way round, including sniffing my “Joop pour home” again, that is so eighties and brings back a lot of memories. I almost bought it for that reason. And I sort of liked a few perfumes that I haven’t sniffed before. I guess I am a 60 second man, too. I guess we all are, from time to time.

Today’s picture: A snap shot from Heathrow, playing with the iphone, while waiting for the gate to be announced.