what's up?

a smile when boxes are out of my way

You might have guessed: Super busy here! The weekend is a holiday weekend with Monday being an extra day off. As I will be out of time with friends, and somewhat out of the job next Tuesday, I really needed to make sure that I get all orders out before the weekend. That was stressful.

Today’s picture shows you to the right side one packed item that will go as “lick-n-stick” into my US warehouse run by Shipwire. They are doing a great job there, in Southern California. Actually, when heading for Arizona on Interstate 10 in April, I passed by there, almost. So you see: I pack the scents in a way that allows shipwire to print shipping labels and off the parcels go!   Many of these prepacked items got out of the factory in a fedex shipment last Tuesday. The goods arrived in the shipwire warehouse 36 hours later, and actually got there a day faster than the boxes that you see in today’s picture to the left.

These, again shipped by fedex, went to the US, too. But- for reasons beyond my control- the boxes got a bit sticky in Memphis and stayed there for 36 hours before moving on. But they arrived in the mean time. You see: A couple of labels…each of these labels, also the address label,  needs to be exactly the way it is there, compliant with the rules governing dangerous goods transports. And a shipper’s declaration is needed, too. And commercial invoices and packlists, describing the nature of each article in detail for FDA clearance and customs.

And now… two more shipments today and then: Uff, and off we go. You see: Normally I say, “perfume business is communication business”, but these days I really say “perfume business is logistics business”.  And trust me, this logistics is getting more and more complex. But there is a reward: A big smile when these boxes are out of my way! Have a great weekend everyone!