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about how to communicate or no attars for America

Good morning from Zurich. I thank you all for your lovely wishes and lines on my last post. Her, I move forward again and jump back into my daily routines.

Over the holidays, I was working on another portrait in oil of Mr. Trump. I like that one. I publish this in larger size on All my portrait works are based on pictures that I find on the internet, printed or on the tab, and I paint them without copying or tracing the outlines. Of course, tracing (or using a beamer) would help to get the proportions right, but I think it is a good exercise to draw and try to get it right. It is like buying pre-formulated bases in perfumery. They come in handy, their proportions are right and you can get the perfect rose by just opening a bottle and adding some musks.

Drawing (composing) from scratch means looking closely. Very closely, and discovering what makes a face (or a rose) special and beautiful. And, believe it or not, every face has something beautiful. Also Mr. Trump’s. And while I was working on the portrait, I was listening to some speeches by him, and I was watching him performing. And, well… here’s the thing:. This guy is good in a very unique way. A child of twitter and facebook et al, he communicates in way that is in  line with the new media. Short, concise, no grey area, straight lines that can be forwarded, shared, liked without much thinking.

I don’t like the idea but this is where we are going with the social media.

And now that this portrait is sort of finished and dries (oil paintings need quite some time to dry) I am looking back 10 years and see how the communication about everything has changed. And how it got more difficult to make an impact. Maybe there’s a lesson we can learn from Mr. Trump when communicating, maybe not.

A Trump way to talk about Tauer Perfumes and Tauerville might sound like: “Tauer-simply the best”. Or “No attars for Amercia”. Well. I am not sure whether I really like that.

But I decided to communicate a bit differently for my next launch that I am working on, timeline still somewhat shaky but right now it looks like February. And this, this is super exciting.