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after a break, brochure labor restarted

Ah… I forgot to mention: I just added Paypal as payment method. This, after yesterday’s comment by Muggele. I was not aware that there might be a real need for Paypal. Let’s see whether perfume loving clients are going to use this option. The layout in the selection menue is not perfect, but for a test it is ok. And here comes the post:
Sometimes it helps letting creative jobs sit for a while, let them mature somewhere in your guts and brain, and come back after a while with a fresh eye and continue there where you stopped a while ago. Thus, yesterday, while waiting a full day long for an end of epic rain over Zurich, I tweaked a few things (the brochure), and will continue later today: The text has gone into single columns from being spread out in pieces over the entire brochure. And a few other details.

I changed the last double page (not shown here) by adding an illustration of a gardenia flower, and the top cover picture went onto the very last, back side, page of the brochure. The first page is simple: the logo and the claim (IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES ®). Thus,  I figured that the cap close-up photo with the logo fits better. There is little information on the backside page anyhow: the link, a copyright statement, a statement about registered trademarks, and contact information, maybe; or the information who handed out the brochure.

Anyhow: today’s picture shows you two and a half double pages. Basically, you see there the left and right pages of an opened brochure, page 4&5 (half, the flower and hand picture), page 6&7, page 8&9. The total size will be 12 pages.

Today, I will try to bring in another element. Parts of the logo, faded, maybe one letter only per page, or only a part of a letter from the logo, very faded, like a water-mark. We will see how that goes.

Ah, and yes: I need to get another trial mixed. Rose. Difficult.