what's up?

after before and in the middle

after the crisis is before the crisis and in a sense we are all in the middle of the crisis. Many among us are unemployed, a lot are worried, and states are naked without money and currencies are tumbling or roaring in irrational exuberance. Believe it or not: The Swiss Franc is approaching parity to the EURO, and it needs less than 80 Swiss cents for 1 $ US, both is rather irrational, as it does not reflect the real buying power. I guess it is fear that is driving the rates these days. Money is a matter of believe. A lot of people out there do not really believe anymore. Oups.

I do not want to send you into economy boredome stasis with currency exchange rates and their basis especially as it is hard to understand anyhow.  But with these rates, I am forced to act. In a sense it is unfortunate as most of my costs are in Swiss Francs, and I pay my rent in Swiss Francs, too.  But there is no way around:  All of it means that I need to make my products a bit more economical. Or to offer more economical shipment rates for my perfume loving friends in the US, Canada and Europe. This is exactly what I did. Lowering the shipment rates there for a fragrance by 10 $ US or 7 Euro, I charge now shipment rates that are not covering my costs.

What’s next? Mentally, we are trying to get along with the idea of a Dollar for 50 Swiss cents and a Euro for 1 Franc.

I have to work hard to get used to it.

Today’s picture brings a happy note into my post: A pair of yellow mountain beauties. Enjoy!